The marketing world evolves at an incredibly high speed. As a business, keeping up with constant changes can be a challenge. Yet, in order to succeed, you must stay ahead of your competition. 

From social media marketing to SEO, there are tons of new trends to watch out for this year. For this article, we placed our focus on the top 5 content marketing trends.

Did you know that at least 47% of consumers view around five pieces of content prior to even engaging with your brand? So, yes, content still is king, and it’s where the majority of your marketing spend should go.

1. Intensive Focus On Your Audience 

By now, you’ve probably heard all about AI (Artificial intelligence) and automation when it comes to content building. 2023, however, will be a year of getting back to basics. So, it’s more important than ever to create content that suits your target audience’s needs. 

Start by answering the following questions: 

  • What channels are they most active on?
  • What content structure and type of articles do they prefer?
  • What’s their average time on page?
  • Are they mostly engaging with longer or shorter content – first-person or third-person narratives, branded or third party?

And then, with these learnings, create content centered around your audience’s pain points – speak to them as a friend and spark their interest. 

2. Data-Led Content Strategies For Effective Optimizations

As creating targeted, high-quality content becomes more crucial, so does data. Analytics help you get all the insights you need. 

A data-led content marketing strategy will help you deliver content that effectively addresses your audience’s pain points and increase conversion rates. Running A/B tests and identifying which type of content outperforms other styles will play a key role in building a winning strategy for your brand. 

3. User-Generated Content Instead Of Professional Photography 

Although customer trust in influencers can be quite robust, their trust in fellow customers is on the rise. Having many positive reviews can improve your company’s authenticity and leave positive impressions on fellow customers. And that’s why you must also keep leveraging UGC.

Numerous studies demonstrate that User-Generated Content (UGC) is considered the most authentic content style – it even outperforms professional photography! In fact, 86% of businesses incorporate UGC in their marketing strategy as it proves to be one of the most effective content styles. 

4. Interactive Elements Boost Engagement

It’s no secret that people’s attention spans are shorter these days. So a major challenge this year is to develop and implement new and creative ways to keep your audience engaged. Interactive content helps many brands tackle this by allowing their audience to actively participate rather than passively consume it. 

Adding interactive elements such as personalized quizzes to your content offers a custom experience for your audience and will for sure leave a lasting impression. 

5. The Right Visuals Make The Difference 

Photos, graphics, and videos are powerful ways to draw someone’s attention. They use less ad space and allow you to quickly tell your story. Images are easy to identify. They evoke emotions, are memorable, and generate engagement. 

However, pairing your content with the right visuals is easier said than done. Know that consumers’ online experience mostly revolves around evaluating the quality of images. And they make purchasing decisions based on them. So be sure you select the right ones. 

Curious to learn more and explore your brand’s full marketing potential? Or just want to put these 5 trends into practice but are unsure of how to begin? Contact us – at GeistM – today for a free consultation, and we can help you create a winning marketing strategy.