Many brands like yours are discovering precisely why User-Generated Content has become such a huge part of paid advertising. UGC has helped many companies reach an untapped market and drive further success.

If you aren’t sure what UGC (User-Generated Content) is or if it should be part of your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to explain the importance of UGC, why your brand should be using it, and how GeistM can help.

What is UGC?

UGC — User-Generated Content — is content created by real people to promote your brand. This includes reviews, photos, videos, and audio that your brand’s customers, followers, or even employees create that is shared across digital platforms.

What Do We Mean By “Professional” Photos?

Most companies will set up creative photo shoots for their products. These images are professionally produced and edited in a studio, so they’re of the highest quality. This can truly legitimize a brand. However, the problem is that such polished photography can actually seem less authentic to the consumer.

Although your business may think your brand’s visuals must be absolutely immaculate, your target audience may not always respond to that particular content.

The Power of UGC

Professional photography looks great. However, marketers need to understand that consumers nowadays have a tendency to search for product info and cross-reference sources before purchasing. Viewing an image or video of real live people using the product — without any photoshop fixes — is more likely to convince consumers to make a purchase. 

This 2022 Shopper Experience Index revealed 40 percent of shoppers claimed user-generated content (customer photos, videos, and reviews) sways their purchasing decisions.

UGC Case Study + Results 

In order to enhance our accounts’ content, we collected data from three clients and took a deep dive into what type of images work best on the front end. We compared the average CTRs (Click-Through Rates) for content that features professional images with UGC on the front end of our advertising funnel.

After running several A/B tests, we discovered that having UGC images on the front end caused between 20% and 39% more users to click through the following step in the funnel —  improving conversion rates and CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition). 

It’s essential that — along with creating branded content that’s professionally produced — your company explores ways to use more authentic and credible content across a number of channels. 

Remember: People want to see how real people use your product in real life. To continue to be profitable, your enterprise must utilize UGC, there’s just no workaround. 

Here are a few more reasons your business needs to start leveraging UGC over branded images:

  • Demonstrate concern: Feature visual content that aligns with your company’s values and connect potential customers with like-minded consumers.
  • Provide an authentic voice: Many customers have been burned by a product that simply didn’t deliver. UGC provides social proof via unedited reactions to unboxing or product use.
  • Expand your reach: Use more UGC across your channels and appeal to a wider audience than ever before.

How GeistM Can Help

Is your company in need of assistance creating authentic and profitable UGC or 3rd-party content? No worries, this is what GeistM does best. Our creative team knows precisely how to make UGC that will generate maximum engagement and conversion rates. We work with a wide range of clients and networks to attract, educate, and retain target audiences — so your brand truly stands out from the crowd. 

Grow your market base by using relatable UGC to connect with untapped consumers around the globe. With GeistM, your business can stay on top of content marketing trends and remain competitive and successful. Contact us today to learn more!