One of the first things a marketer learns in their career is that understanding your ‘Target Audience’ is a critical aspect of successful marketing efforts. No matter how innovative your strategies are, knowledge of your target group can decide the ultimate success or failure of your business. An excellent product or service can often face serious challenges if a company does not cater to the ideal audience. 

As a digital marketer, reaching the right consumer — who gets hit by a barrage of 6,000 to 10,000 ads a day — is increasingly difficult. Standing out among the clutter of ads across all social media platforms is not easy! 

The questions you must ask is: Does your Target Audience click on your company’s social media ads? Are your creatives resonating with your Target Audience? Are front-end ads enough to drive conversions?

According to a recent study, 75% of internet users use social media to research products, and 23% like to keep up with what content their favorite brands are posting (DataReportal, 2022). 

This is why content is more crucial than ever. It bridges the gap between thousands of random ads consumers view and builds a real connection with the reader — which assists in choosing your products or services over the competitors. 

This is when other questions arise: How can you profitably incorporate content in your advertising efforts? And how can you measure this impact?

Here at GeistM, we tailor content specific to each brand that targets the appropriate audience. We reach out to your Target Group (TG) via audience testing on Meta as well as other social media platforms. And we generate a vital rapport with your audience via content that’s designed for consumers at different purchasing stages — whether it’s awareness, consideration, post-purchase, etc. 

Our content will vary in tone and style, depending on a brand’s needs and the audience they’re speaking to. Our owned publishers and network of bloggers each have their own unique user base which helps grow those customers you can’t reach through direct-to-site efforts alone. 

For instance, GeistM created a 3rd-person content style that focused on a client’s competitors in the Health & Wellness vertical. This was written for customers in the consideration stage — or consumers who love to read reviews before making a final purchase decision. We found that this style of content secured 3Xs more purchases and a 50% higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) than direct-to-site advertising efforts. 

Based on these results, additional content focused on the post-purchase user experience. This tracks the consumer’s journey before and after using the product. This content style secured 2Xs as many purchases.

Making content an integral part of your digital marketing funnel strengthens the entire advertising effort. This promotes an additional level of trust and connection with a brand, which not only draws one-time purchases but ultimately increases LTV (Life-Time-Value Customers). 

Curious to learn how GeistM can enhance and improve your full-funnel digital marketing strategies through content? Get in touch today!

Written by Mahima Singh Parmar