Content and Creative Teams at GeistM

GeistM would not be a leading content marketing agency without our dedicated Content and Creative teams or our strong network of publishers. We generate high intent users by educating them on our clients via content written from a 3rd party perspective. Before they even hit an official LP we can cross hurdles to convert, convince more skeptics, and create higher value customers.

The Content Team

The Content Team works on all aspects of GeistM content, from strategy to production, to innovation and analysis. They work with our analysts on a weekly basis to make post-click optimizations, monitor how content is performing, and make data-driven recommendations to optimize mid-funnel performance.

The Creative Team

The Creative team works on all the visual parts of GeistM content. They focus on following trends and optimizing content for success all the while adhering to the aesthetic of our clients. The team closely works with our analysts to make edits and updates as needed to make sure we are meeting our clients goals.

Both teams work in tandem, and even share team members, to make sure our creative strategy is in line with our content strategy and to continuously pass on learnings to each other. The teams generate quality content across all platforms GeistM runs on, from Taboola to SnapChat, written and video. Reach out to ask for a Case Study on our content’s performance!

The Publisher Network

At GeistM we have a network of 60+ publishers, 9 of which we own and operate. These publishers range from broad topics to vertical specific, so we can give our clients a great range of options. Whether it’s on our music and culture publisher Popdust, the sports betting blog Find Bet, or any of the other publishers we work with we can find the right place to put your brand.

Being able to publish from a third party is hugely beneficial to our clients. This helps us target skeptics and create honest reviews as can speak freely about the product. We create content pieces designed to explain and inform the user so that when they hit the LP, they already know what they are signing up for.

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