A new platform has emerged and is quickly giving Facebook a run for its money as the hottest and most efficient new channel for top of funnel marketing. That platform is Google Discovery.

That’s right, Google Discovery is the new Facebook for us here at GeistM. As we deal with the fallout from the recent update which has backed marketers into a corner with rising costs and only a fraction of traditional attribution data on Facebook, we’ve turned to Discovery as a new avenue of opportunity. But, what is Discovery? You’re probably already using it! Or at the very least have seen Discovery ad placements within your Gmail or scrolling through your YouTube recs.

As Google’s newest foray into its own version of Native advertising, Google Discovery exists throughout its extensive network of offerings. Most visibly, Discovery ads appear within the Google mobile app, where recommended articles curated through a user’s search history and interests, are interspersed with ads that appear to blend into the content feed. Outside of the Google app, Discovery ads can be found on YouTube and Gmail, giving these ads the hottest real estate on the digital market with a reach that has grown to a staggering 2.9 billion users.

With such a massive reach across multiple platforms, you might expect sky high CPC and CPM rates, but the opposite is true for Google Discovery. We launched into Google’s newest platform upon its initial rollout and immediately began testing campaigns to gauge its efficiency and effectiveness. As recent as May 2021, we conducted a comprehensive review of our campaigns and found that on average, Google Discovery yielded 71% lower CPCs ($0.76 vs. $2.58) and 38% lower CPMs ($9.20 vs. $14.76) than Facebook across all GeistM accounts. No other platform can provide quality placements at such low prices.

Here at GeistM, we know that content is king and the advent of a high reach, content based platform fits perfectly within our marketing model which lays on the foundation of data-driven analytics and an extensive publisher network. We have found consistent success in leveraging our dedicated Content and Creative teams to capture upper-funnel users in the consideration phase and generate high purchase intent through content written from a 3rd party perspective. Through any and every digital marketing channel, the GeistM approach has yielded client success across a variety of verticals and now we’re unlocking the immense potential behind Google Discovery.