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SEM is a foundational digital marketing channel for every modern company, big or small. That’s why at GeistM, we create result-oriented strategies tailored to our partners’ needs. We take the time to understand your business, perform our due diligence on competitors, and analyze all the data necessary to ensure we have everything we need to achieve your goals. Our team goes the extra mile to leverage the latest and greatest features that search networks have to offer, layering on our own market research, cross-channel insights, and proprietary technology, all so that you can reach your customers when it matters the most.


At GeistM, our approach to PPC is centered around quality, not quantity. We utilize the SKAG strategy to retain complete control over our campaigns and remain assured that the searches being captured are of the highest relevance to our clients. This methodology allows us achieve the greatest quality score possible for every keyword in use. By optimizing towards high quality scores, ads can lead to lower prices and better ad placements — battling out other top competitors in the market. Complemented by rigorous ad testing, skillful automated bid management, keyword and competitor research, Geist is able to leverage high quality scores to maintain an efficient CPA and acquire new customer growth. Our search expertise spans across all relevant networks: Google, Bing, Yahoo; and we strive to stay on top of the latest developments in the world of search, along with ancillary capabilities including Display and Dynamic Product Ads.

Data Analysis

Through the use of GeistM’s proprietary technology, BlackFire, we are able to leverage this data by making bidding adjustments easily across audiences and different demographics such as age, gender, household income and location. Additionally, the SEM Team can launch new campaigns and ads directly on the Blackfire network, effectively making a fast and seamless process towards new launches.

Scale Non-Brand Efforts With Content

Our offerings don’t end with the traditional search upkeep you might find at your typical SEM agency. Here at Geist, we recognize that content is king, that’s why we help bolster your brand through search supplementary content that we create in-house after meticulous research and design, to specifically cater to your target audiences. Our content educates users about the brand, product, and service in a non-brand search environment, finishing off the experience with a gentle call to action that fits authentically within each piece. With this added step within the marketing funnel, we transform top funnel audiences into mid-funnel prospects, driving greater and highly relevant traffic to your site.

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