Native Networks at GeistM

As a leader in content marketing, GeistM is uniquely positioned to drive performance marketing results through Native Networks. Our team has worked with Native Networks such as Outbrain, Taboola, and Verizon Media, since our inception, and we know how to run cost-effective high-performing campaigns that deliver on the goals set by our clients.

We’re proud to include these awesome brands as our clients!

Core Networks:

GeistM works with a large variety of Native Networks, and has developed close-working relationships with three core networks: Verizon Media Network, Taboola, and Outbrain. As preferred partners with each, we have direct access to knowledgeable representatives and backend integration with our proprietary software platform, providing data-driven analysis as well as seamless campaign setup, optimization, and reporting. GeistM manages everything for our clients on these networks straight from Kick-Off, with daily reporting, constant communication, and detailed insights. We know how to best use Native Networks to exceed our client’s goals, and the results from our campaigns speaks for itself.

Scaling Native Profitably

  We love when clients come to Outbrain via GeistM because we know their team understands how to scale native profitably. Their data-driven approach combined with a deep understanding of the native space means clients are positioned for sustainable growth. For over 6 years we’ve had a successful partnership and look forward to continuing to innovate together.

Steven Kuron – Head of Sales, Outbrain

Customer touchpoints to-date by our clients through creative campaigns  powered by GeistM

Other Networks:

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t limit our clients to just a few large Networks. GeistM has developed relationships with a wide range of Native Networks in order to provide clients with access to as many unique audiences as possible. Even within the world of Native Advertising, having a diversified media media mix with campaigns across multiple networks is critical. platform is what enables us to do this cost-effectively, and efficiently. We work with a variety of networks to find the best results, and we are always looking to expand our reach.

Even if you don’t think we support a particular Native Network you want to test (you might be surprised!), reach out to us! We would love the opportunity to help you open that door and use our experience to help you determine if it is the right place to put your budget.

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