About Us

In 2013 our founders saw a problem in how companies were using digital marketing. Users were being pushed immediately to an offer or a transaction with no context in between, no information beyond a headline, and no story. While this strategy was partially effective, our founders realized that they could create a much more effective marketing funnel that would generate more conversions and higher LTV customers through the power of content. This is the core idea that shaped our company into what we are today.

Welcome to GeistM. We are a MarTech solution built for marketers by marketers. Our objective is to provide our clients with best in class insights leading to high velocity and more informed marketing investment decisions. We combine our proprietary technology, Blackfire, and the experience of seasoned growth marketers to power everything from the first impression to profitable conversions at scale.

We give our clients the opportunity to Tell Their Story, and generate profitable customer acquisition.

Our Leadership

Anna Fuller

VP, Strategic Growth

Yoray Halevy

VP, Strategic Growth

Robbie Hynes

VP, Head of International

Ed Lynch


Brian Wada

Head of Product

Aaron Gowen

Head of Partnerships


Lesley Mostello

Head of HR

Nicole Delphous

Head of Finance

Culture Committee

Our Culture Committee aims to create a company culture where our team members are experiencing the best working environment possible. Our Culture Committee hosts in person and virtual events to celebrate and promote diversity awareness (Virtual Pride Trivia, Juneteenth Picnic, Paint and Sip for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day). We also place a major emphasis on volunteering and partnering with organizations in our community.

Our Values


We are honest, transparent, ethical, and fair.


Humble and sincere, valuing others and their development.


Inclusive and kind, strength in diversity, fostering positive relationships


Always seeking to identify new opportunities & pushing boundaries


Embracing and driving change, while never giving up!


Many of our team volunteer their time or skills to causes that resonate with them.

Our Accomplishments

We have been recognized as the fastest growing MarTech platform in the world. We are the only MarTech platform to have made the Inc 5000 for the last four consecutive years.