OTT, or over-the-top marketing, gives marketers access to place ads on streaming services. While traditional television is controlled by networks and their advertisers, OTT allows companies the space and platform to reach their audiences while skirting major network hoops.

In fact, OTT is even outperforming classic television ads due to cord-cutters and a surplus of streaming services like Roku and Hulu.

However, OTT’s power goes far beyond television. OTT can be on laptops, smartphones, and any device that supports a streaming service. What makes OTT so beneficial when run on these devices all comes down to one thing: the click.

The ability to run on several devices while also tracking clicks completely widens marketer’s nets. Seeing an ad on television vs. seeing an ad on a phone or laptop allows users to be directed to the website, place an order, and ultimately be tracked. OTT allows for opportunities like UTM tracking, Google Analytics, and even pixel placement that will help you understand your consumer’s journey more holistically.

OTT Paired With CTV

While CTV falls under the umbrella of OTT, CTV, or connected television, are ad screens on television. CTV devices, like Smart TVs, sticks, or gaming consoles, are connected to the internet and allow consumers to watch television. While it’s beneficial to use CTV and get as many eyes on an ad as possible, tracking becomes less effective as there is no way for the viewer to click directly on a link, thus leaving the marketer with less insights.

However, when CTV is paired with OTT, it makes for the ultimate marketing merge. For example, you could run an ad on Roku on CTV, but then retarget using OTT display. By running on both, you can directly pull from an audience you know has seen the ad on TV, retarget them on OTT, you can then track the consumer.

Retargeting has never been as easy as it is with OTT and CTV working as a pair. You can cherry pick exactly where to run your ads and in turn, have higher, more effective interactions with your audience.

Ready to run?

GeistM is here to help and get you running on OTT. We can deliver in-depth insights and context about your consumer’s journey using our patented digital platform, Blackfire. Geist Creative Studios can even develop CTV creatives and assets for your brand to run on OTT.

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