All startups, but especially those in the realm of marketing, must be constantly ahead of the trends, and are challenged with coming up with campaigns that standout, therefore each team members input and ideas must be nurtured. The best, most innovative ideas are born out of an environment that is positive, encouraging and that has the right balance of structure and freedom.

At GeistM, culture is key. Our priority is to create a work environment that incubates forward thinking and innovative ideas. Here are some of the simple and effective way we ensure a positive and open work environment.

Brainstorm Brainstorm Brainstorm!

Firstly, it is vital to schedule regular team brainstorms, both in larger groups and more intimate ones. Larger group brainstorms are great because they usually spark a healthy debate and allow a variety of ideas to flourish. Smaller team brainstorms should be held to the same importance as larger meetings, as this will give more introverted staff members an environment where they feel more comfortable voicing their opinions and ideas. It is a great idea to meet in smaller groups on a daily basis, and change the members of each group everyday so that all of the team has an opportunity to meet. This will allow people from all areas of the business who may not necessarily interact on a day to day basis to offer their colleagues advice and support for whatever issues they may be facing. At GeistM, brainstorming is an integral part of our daily work life, and we have seen some of our most innovative and successful ideas come from.

Be Transparent With Overall Business Goals

Providing your team with an overall roadmap of where you want the business to be in a years time is crucial to its success. This type of transparency will motivate the team and give them a better understanding of the role that they will play. Your success becomes their success, and there’s nothing more motivating than that! In addition to this overall business roadmap, staff should be provided with a clear career trajectory map. Understanding the exact requirements of their current role, as well as how they can move up will ensure that each member of the team feels valued, and will make them go above and beyond in their roles.

Encourage Risk Taking- Embrace Failure.

The best way to grow your business is to be constantly trying and testing new ideas. With testing and innovation, comes inevitable failures- these defeats should always be spoken about in a positive and thought provoking way. Through failure, comes learnings and your team should be fearless when it comes to testing new ideas. Always discuss what was learned from what went wrong, and acknowledge what positive result was garnered. Not all creative ideas are going to be wins- Mistakes are part of every creative process, and making room for them sparks innovative thinking.

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