Sure, we perform almost all of the functions of the “big four” agencies but this is in service to creating mutual benefit and performance-driven results. That’s what sets us apart. Our people are the heart of our business. We arm them with innovative real-time data. We are not static. In may respects, we are winning precisely because we are not an ad agency.

Now more than ever there will be a flight to quality. We are all about making money for best-of-breed category leaders who know that the most effective way to build a brand is to put your product in the hands of a consumer who is grateful, satisfied and loyal.

“We are an agency only in the same sense that an iPhone is a telephone,” said Michael Sprague, Chief Technology Officer for GeistM.

“GeistM is ‘neither fish nor fowl'”, said Andrew Gill Smith, SVP and Head of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re not exactly a martech platform, and we’re certainly not an agency, though we perform many of the same functions as both. I would describe what we do as ‘AI-powered’, optimized content marketing. It’s a bit of a mouthful, really. We ought to come up with a catchy name for it. Perhaps we can hire an agency to do that.”

Over the last 3 years, GeistM has experienced revenue growth of 574%. Last month, we posted our best September to date, despite a global pandemic and economic uncertainty.

Nevertheless, we are proud to be in the company of such innovative and forward-thinking solution providers. More importantly, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to partner with such amazing brands and clients. If you’re interested in what GeistM can do for your company, email us at and say hello to the future of data-driven marketing.