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GeistM has lots of experience with education companies, such as Muzzy and Grammarly, and we have proven that our model is very successful in this vertical. Whether you are subscription based or a one-time purchase product, GeistM is ready to tell your story.

We know that there are more hurdles to convert when it comes to an education service. Users have to understand what it is they are getting into, know that it is a good use of their time, and believe in the service. This is where our content marketing comes in, to help educate users on our client’s services. By adding our content into the marketing funnel, users will get an honest third-party review that is designed to educate and convince even the most skeptical users of the service’s functionality. Because of the additional insight from our content, we can convey your top value propositions in a clear manner and customers are that much easier to convert.

Leader in Performance-Based Agencies

  As one of the first performance-based agencies on Twitter in 2013, GeistM has evolved with and developed key best practices for the platform which have proven to scale partners to $1M+ over the years, both in the US and internationally. GeistM understands the unmatched value that Twitter drives for clients, particularly in terms of LTV, and they take an unconventional, innovative, algorithm-centric approach to testing to ensure success.

Brett Goldslager – Manager, Client Solutions – Twitter

Customer touchpoints to-date by our clients through creative campaigns  powered by GeistM

Not only can we help you drive up conversions, but we can help you reach a much larger audience. Through the power of our proprietary software, BlackFire, we can launch campaigns efficiently and cost effectively across any Native or Paid Social Network.

Even if you don’t think we support a particular platform you want to test (you might be surprised!), reach out to us! We would love the opportunity to help you open that door and use our experience to help you determine if it is the right place to put your budget.

Reach out today to ask for a Case Study, ask our team a question, or schedule an appointment so we can help you Tell Your Story.

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