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Our Direct Competitors
Business Model & Results
Total Attributed Sales
Largest has approximately $1b
98% of global internet population
Less than 36%
Branding Campaign Expertise
Yes No
B2B Campaign Expertise
Yes No
DRTV Capabilities
Yes No
Partnership Longevity
As long as 6 years (and counting). Average partnership length is over 3 years
High churn rate
Current Clients
About 150
Largest has less than 30
Geographical Reach
US, Canada, Europe, Asia
U.S. Only
Client Resourcing
Dedicated client teams, incorporating data analysts, content specialists, network experts, and “skunk works” for deep account dives.  
Networks Used
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Taboola, Quora, Linked In, Outbrain,Yahoo, Reddit, Google, Bing, SnapChat, Microsoft, CNN, MSN, CBSi, TripleLift, Nativo, Reddit, NextDoor, Repondology, Revcontent,
Spoutable, StartApp, TapJoy, Zemanta, Zeropark, content.ad, Dianomi, StarApp, Pocket
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
Content Marketing
Geist collaborates on content and vendor relationships with more than 60 publisher partners
No publishers
Growth Momentum
The fastest growing martech company 3 years in a row on the Inc. 5000 and #21 in Craine’s Fast 50 New York Businesses
Not Available
Technology Capabilities
SaaS version coming in Q2 2021
Not Available
Marketing Assets
Can be ingested from any source
Use proprietary tools for their creation
AI Features
Content asset optimization and Creative insights
Not Available
Optimization and Data Reporting
Real Time
Not real time
Metrics Customization
Allows each client to specify their own critical performance indicators and other metrics, using Blackfire
Requires client-specific metrics to be defined by programmers
Customization Process
The description of each client’s experience is included and changed in the running system. Fast and inexpensive.
Custom features require programming changes. Slow and costly and subject to error
Network Customization
Automatically transformed to meet each network’s standards
Mapped by hand using graphics manipulation tools
Data Consolidation
Consolidates Geist, Client, network, and third party analytics
Relies entirely on proprietary analytics
Analysis is based on aggregating the fact-base from individual events, so every fact is derivable
Traditional Relational Structure
Privacy & Security
Customer Privacy
Client’s customers are wholly anonymous
Client’s customers identified by cookies
Client Privacy
Each client has its own database
A single database
Privacy Regulation Compliance
None claimed