This month’s theme: Noise.

When determining how to break through the noise and rising network costs in the digital landscape today, marketers are embracing offer messaging. Consider if your brand has the opportunity to quickly grab the users’ attention in an otherwise saturated space.

Use Offers

Use exclusive or time-limited offers, such as “Get 50% off All Plans for a Limited Time” or “Connect your Facebook account for an exclusive 50% discount!”.

Show value compared to competitors

Communicate your value add over competitors with language like “#1 Mealkit in Canada” or “Most Recommended Men’s Wallet”.

Pricing Justification

Explain your value with a justification in terms your customers can better understand and relate to: “$50 Value for Only $12!” or “For the Cost of a Starbucks Coffee…​”


Offer an experience more tailored to your customerbase, like “Take the 3-Minute Quiz to Get MakeUp Customized for You!”. Customers love insightful, customized experiences.

Comparisons to Well-Known Brands

Descriptions like “The Amazon Prime of Renovations” help your customers better understand your mission and product.

It can be difficult to find offer messaging that appropriately empathizes with your customers and communicates your value in a manner that resonates; at GeistM, we utilize a unique combination of human and AI insights to quickly refine your messaging and engage your customerbase. Get in touch to see how we can help you!

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