With the holiday season in full force, it’s time to get real. If you want to bring in new customers and finish the year strong, you need a high-level holiday marketing strategy that’s set up for success. 

However, holiday marketing can be a real pain. Where should you start? What works best? Keep in mind how fiercely competitive end-of-year shopping is… 

But don’t panic! 

We put together some key tips that can help you create an effective marketing campaign:

1. Start your holiday marketing early

No matter what niche you’re in, once you hit November your holiday marketing strategy should be in full swing. The early bird gets the worm! And that’s definitely the case when it comes to holiday marketing. 

From the data we gathered, we’ve concluded that most customers start holiday shopping during the peak-sale season in November – with Black Friday and Cyber Monday being blockbuster sale days. But don’t overlook the first two weeks in December. They’re critical because about 25% of customers plan to complete their holiday shopping by then. And let’s not forget the last-minute shoppers going crazy on the night before Christmas. 

Pro Tip: As people spend more on holiday gifts, brands increase their ad spend more on which translates to a higher cost-per-“mille”(CPM) for each impression you serve. So make sure to budget accordingly! 

2. Boost your holiday conversions by offering discounts and/or free gifts with a purchase

Brands can increase revenue by joining in on the festive spirit and offering competitive discounts and free gifts with each purchase. Saving a bit extra or getting a product gratis excites shoppers and puts them in buying mode. And, most importantly, it works as a strong conversion booster! 

According to a study by Harris Interactive, 90% of consumers who received a free gift stated that they were ‘somewhat likely’ to shop there again.

It’s smart to offer your sales for a set time only – the more difficult it is to obtain an offer or a free gift, the more valuable it becomes. Basically, if customers worry that the offer will expire soon, they’re more likely to buy. So, get creative and make your deal attractive! 

3. Beat your competition with the power of content 

When it comes to content planning, many companies believe they already know what works best for their target audience. So, they skip the market research step.

But the truth is, they’re making a big mistake. 

An intelligent content strategy is data-based. Examine previous content that performed well. And then see which learnings you can use to create even superior, holiday-focused content.

Make sure to pay extra attention to your content’s emotional appeal – the holidays are known to ignite a mixture of emotions, from nostalgia to excitement. Tap into the holiday spirit by placing seasonal images throughout the text. This will increase engagement rates.

And lastly, don’t forget to follow significant marketing trends and optimizing your content for mobile and SEO. 

4. Launch your holiday campaign across multiple channels and networks 

Don’t rely solely on one channel or network to promote your campaign. Consumers are active on multiple channels and toggle between mobile and desktop to find the best deals and steals. So, make sure your brand is present on all relevant channels. 

Start to think about:

  • Which channels should you include in your campaign?
  • Which audiences do you want to reach via those channels?
  • What messaging needs to be developed for each channel?
  • 5. Use A/B testing to optimize your marketing strategies for maximum success

    To maximize revenue, you must know how your customers behave and think – to figure that out, you need to A/B test. If you’re not running tests, you’ll never understand which particular offers and promotions will drive your customers during the busy holiday season. So, regularly test your strategies and optimize them accordingly to get the best results! 

    According to a study by Bing published in Wall Street Journal, A/B testing on display ads increased ad revenue by an average of 25%.

    If you’re not sure where to start or want to book marketing experts to handle your holiday campaign, GeistM can help. With the right resources, tools, and strategies, we can help your brand succeed. Contact us now to get started!